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St. John Climacus

St. John Climacus, also widely referred to as St. John of the Ladder, is best known for his theological book known as The Ladder of Divine Ascent . The text uses Jacob's ladder as a metaphor for the spiritual life, with each rung on the ladder representing a new virtue gained. The ladder went on to become a popular inspiration for iconography depicting monks ascending a ladder with Jesus at the top welcoming them into eternity.  Lifetime:  ~579 to 649 Region:  Modern Syria; Egypt Patronages:  Poets; Vegetarians; Wales Iconograpy:  Monk; Holding crozier; Literal ladder or copy of Ladder of Divine Ascent Feast Day:  March 30

St. David of Wales

The best known miracle of St. David of Wales occurred while he was preaching in a large crowd. In order for him to be better heard, a hill grew up under his feet, raising him up in view of all. A white dove also landed on his shoulder as a sign that he was a holy man. David set up numerous monasteries around Wales, and established very strict rules for his monks to live under. He is the patron saint of Wales, and today his feast day is celebrated by dressing in traditional Welsh garb and eating Welsh food. Lifetime:  ~500 to 589 Region:  Modern Wales Patronages:  Poets; Vegetarians; Wales Iconograpy:  Dove; Bishop's vestments; Standing on a hill Feast Day:  March 1