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St. Assicus of Elphin

St. Assicus was the first bishop of Elphin, Ireland, and was a person friend of St. Patrick . Before his conversion by Patrick, Assicus was a metalworker, especially in copper and brass, and likely continued his craft after converting to Christianity, crafting gold chalices and patens and even brass bells for use in the churches. After his death, his successors founded a school of art in his name, and many of the pieces they produced are well-known to this day. Lifetime:  400s Region:  Ireland Patronages:  Metalworkers; Elphin, Ireland Iconograpy:  Bishop's vestments; Metalworking hammer Feast Day:  April 27

St. Magnus of Orkney

St. Magnus of Orkney was an earl by birth, but found that his Christian values were not appreciated by the Viking culture of his birth. He wouldn't participate in raids, instead remaining on the ship and singing psalms, and when he and his cousin got into dispute over who should rule, Magnus negotiated peace, but his cousin betrayed him, coming in with an army at the arranged meeting. After Magnus prayed for the souls of his treacherous cousin and his executioners, he was martyred by being struck in the head on Easter Sunday. Lifetime:  1080 to 1117 Region:  Norway Patronages:  Orkney, Vikings Iconograpy:  Axe; Viking attire Feast Day:  April 16