St. Scholastica

St. Scholastica is often referred to as the sister or twin of St. Benedict, though it is unknown whether they are biologically related or share more of a spiritual siblinghood. In any case, the two corresponded regularly and once Scholastica even prayed for a storm so that Benedict's visit with her would be extended - a miracle which God provided her. She is also the founder of Benedictine nuns. In 1355, there was a student riot on her feast day after the students complained about the quality of wine served at the nearby tavern; the entire town was imposed penance for nearly 500 years following.

Lifetime: ~480 to 543
Region: Modern Italy
Patronages: Benedictine nuns; Education; Rainstorms
Iconograpy: Nun habit; Crozier; Dove
Feast Day: February 10

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