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St. Mamas of Caesarea

St. Mamas (also spelled Mammes, Mammas, and Mammet) was martyred when he was only 15 years old. But his short life was riddled with miracles and bold acts of faith, though the specifics vary a bit in the different regions that venerate him. Lifetime:  ~259 to ~275 Region:  Cappadocia (modern Turkey) Patronages: Nursing babies; Broken bones; Hernias Iconograpy:  Lion; Lamb; Red cloak Feast Day:  August 17 (Western); September 2 (Eastern) Mamas was born in prison. His parents (who are also both canonized saints) were Christian, and were arrested for their faith while his mother was pregnant with him. Shortly after his birth, both his parents were killed, leaving him an orphan. He was then adopted by a rich Christian widow, who raised Mamas in the faith of his parents. Mamas was educated and took well to his studies, achieving far beyond his years. Even as a youth, Mamas converted many to his faith through personal example and discussions.  When the governor learned of all the people who

St. Dominic

St. Dominic is most well-known for founding the Dominican order, as well as for popularizing the Rosary. The order that bears his name is one of the most active Catholic orders today, especially in education. He was also instrumental in combatting the Albigensian heresy, which he did by modeling an austere life and through rigorous theological study. Lifetime:  1170 to 1221 Region:  Spain; France; Italy Patronages: Astronomers; Dominican Republic; The falsely accused Iconograpy:  Dominican habit; Lilies; Rosary Feast Day:  August 8 When Dominic was still a baby in his mother's womb, she received a vision of a dog leaping from her belly, carrying a torch and setting the world ablaze. Not much else is known about Dominic's parents, but both are believed to have been nobility. He studied under his uncle for his primary education, then attended a university for ten years, during which he became well-known as a model student. However, Dominic was as compassionate as he was dedicated