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St. Tabitha

St. Tabitha the Widow, also known by her Greek name Dorcas, appears in Scripture in the book of Acts. She is identified there as a very charitable woman and a devout follower of Jesus who would make clothing for the poor until she fell ill and died. When St. Peter heard of her passing, he visited her town and prayed over her corpse, and she was miraculously restored to life. Lifetime:  1st century Region:  Israel Patronages:  Tailors and seamstresses Iconograpy: Woman holding cuts of fabric Feast Day:  October 25

St. Bruno of Cologne

St. Bruno of Cologne is best known as the founder of the Carthusian order, an order of monks and nuns that combines hermitism with communal living. During his life, Bruno was also a teacher (one of his students would become Pope Urban II) and a chancellor for his archdiocese. He refused to be elevated to bishop in several different dioceses, and regularly spent long periods of time in solitude.  Lifetime:  1030-1101 Region:  Cologne, Germany; Reims, France Patronages:  Germany; Carthusian monastics Iconograpy:  Carthusian habit; Skull; Carthusian statutes Feast Day:  October 6