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St. Catherine of Alexandria

St. Catherine of Alexandria, whether or not she was a single historical figure (there's plenty of debate about how mythologized she is and whether she way have been multiple stories combined into one), was an extremely influential figure. Her name has been borrowed for everything from unmarried French girls to a mountain range to a type of firework to a CRATER ON THE MOON to numerous cities, churches, and schools to a whole string of other saints inspired by her. And once you hear her story, it's easy to see why. Lifetime: 287 to 305 Region: Alexandria, Eqypt Patronages: Craftspeople who work with wheels (e.g., potters and spinners); lawyers; apologists; unmarried girls Iconograpy: Wheel; Crown; Scourge Feast Day: November 25 Catherine was born a princess to pagan parents, her father being the governor of their region of the Roman empire. You may remember Alexandria as the place that had that really awesome library that was so cool we still haven't gotten over