Bl. Miguel Pro

Bl. Miguel Pro was a Jesuit priest in Mexico at a time when the government was trying to suppress the Catholic faith. Priests were forced to marry, arrested for false crimes, or just killed, and churches were forced to close. Miguel continued to run his church secretly, for which he was arrested. He was released, but soon after he was arrested again and accused of attempting to assassinate a general. Despite witnesses saying he wasn't involved, Miguel was executed for the crime, refusing a blindfold so he could face the firing squad. He held a crucifix in one hand and a rosary in the other, and after forgiving the soldiers who were about to kill him, his last words were "¡Viva Cristo Rey!" - "Long live Christ the King!". 

Lifetime: 1891 to 1927
Region: Mexico
Patronages: Martyrs; Those facing persecution
Iconograpy: Rosary; Priest garb; Holding out arms at execution; Viva Cristo Rey banner
Feast Day: November 23

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