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St. Muirgen the Mermaid

Wait, an actual mermaid? That can't be real. Mermaids aren't real, so they can't be saints! Well, yes and no. Lifetime: 90 to 558 Region: Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland Patronages: People who like mermaids; Storytellers; Converts from pagan faiths (I made these up.) Iconograpy: Water; Otter; She's an actual mermaid Feast Day: January 27 Muirgen was born Li Ban and lived as a princess in her father's palace. But one day, a spring opened up under the palace, swallowing the entire building into a lake. Li Ban's whole family drowned, but Li Ban's room remained intact and continued holding air. She lived trapped in this underwater room for a year with only her dog to keep her company. After a year, Li Ban turned into a mermaid. Her faithful dog was also changed, becoming an otter to keep his master company. As a mermaid, Li Ban's lifespan was lengthened and she swam through the lake, playing with her otter for hundreds of years. Li Ban learn

St. Anthony the Great

Saint Anthony the Great -- also known as Saint Anthony the Abbott, Saint Anthony of the Desert, The Father of Monks, and others -- became one of the earliest Christian ascetics to go viral. The biography of his life was translated into Latin early on, and went on to inspire numerous others throughout the Middle Ages to found monasteries or become hermits. Lifetime: 251 to 356 Region: Egypt Patronages: Animals; Skin diseases; Gravediggers Iconograpy: Beard; Staff; Pig; Bell Feast Day: January 17 Like many early saints, Anthony belonged to a rich family but gave away his wealth to the poor in order to better follow Christ's commands in the gospels. However, unlike his predecessors, Anthony went alone into the desert to live a life of isolation and prayer. But before becoming a total hermit, St. Anthony 'merely' lived a life of self-denial and labor, working as a swineherd near town. During this work, he was tempted by demons and phantoms. They sent visions of wo

Happy Epiphany!

Today we celebrate epiphany, and the feast day of the Magi/ Kings/ Wise Men, known traditionally as Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. Perhaps next year I will do a write-up for the three of them, but for today, here's our finally-completed LEGO nativity!