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St. Modomnoc of Ossory

I recently discvovered that the area where Saint Modomnoc died, Kilkenny, Ireland, is where my own Irish ancestors are from. Sometimes it's those little connections that imbue so much more meaning than even the big, flashy miracles. I first learned about Saint Modomnoc from a children's book which was recommended to me by Amazon. See, sometimes algorithms can be good! The book is called The Saint and his Bees and it's an adorable story with beautiful illustrations. There's not a lot of existing information on St. Modomnoc, so much of my post today will be inspired by this book. Also, as always, I've taken a few creative liberties of my own. Lifetime: ~500 to ~550 Region: Ireland & Wales Patronages: Bees & Beekeepers; Kilkenny, Ireland Iconograpy: Bees or beehive; Green robe; Red or gray hair & beard Feast Day: February 13 Modomnoc was named Dominic during his life (putting "Mo" in front was an Irish way of adding familiarity). He

St. Brigid of Kildare

Over the next couple months, you're going to notice a bias towards Irish saints, and Saint Brigid of Kildare is to blame. Her story inspired in me a fervent interest in Celtic Christianity, and when I converted to the Catholic faith (in large part due to the influence Brigid and the other Celts had on my own spirituality), I chose her for my patron saint. There's so many stories and legends about St. Brigid that it's hard to know where to start: druidic prophecy, time travel to the nativity, and reclaiming the miracles of a Celtic goddess all make for a pretty compelling narrative, but since I'm taking pictures of kids' toys, I think I'll focus on her childhood for today. Happy Imbolc! Let me know if the hedgehog sees its shadow! Lifetime: 451 to 525 Region: Ireland Patronages: Ireland; Dairy maids; Midwives Iconograpy: Reed cross; Open flame; Green habit Feast Day: February 1 Brigid's father was Dubthach, a wealthy chieftain, but she wasn