St. Sebald

Very little is known about St. Sebald's life, but he has been venerated since at least the 11th century in Nuremberg, Germany, where his major shrine is still located. He was a hermit who became a missionary and performed many miracles. His most famous miracle was when he was visiting a poor man in the depths of winter. The fire was low and Sebald and the man grew very cold, so Sebald asked him if he could put more wood on the fire, but the man said he was so poor to keep up such a fire. Sebald then asked for a bundle of icicles, which he threw on the fire. To the man's amazement, the ice burned like logs of wood!

Lifetime: 800s or 900s
Region: Modern Nuremberg, Germany
Patronages: Cold weather; Nuremberg
Iconograpy: Staff and cap; Burning icicles
Feast Day: August 19

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