St. Christopher

St. Christopher is one of the most widely-venerated saints, as being the patron of travel and transportation, is often included in prayers and on icons, necklaces, and pocket charms by the faithful while traveling. Christopher was a large, and apparently ugly man - for this reason he is often portrayed as an ogre or having the head of a dog. When he became Christian, he wanted to use his size and strength to serve those in need. Christopher took to carrying travelers across a dangerous river, which he could safely traverse because he was so tall and strong. According to legend, one such traveler, upon reaching the other shore, revealed himself to be a young Jesus. 

Christopher is venerated as one of the 14 holy helpers.

Lifetime: ?? to 251
Region: Roman Empire
Patronages: Transportation & travel; Athletics; Bachelors; Toothache
Iconograpy: Carrying Christ child; Tree branch; Dog head
Feast Day: May 9 (Eastern); July 25 (Western)

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