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St. Christopher

St. Christopher is one of the most widely-venerated saints, as being the patron of travel and transportation, is often included in prayers and on icons, necklaces, and pocket charms by the faithful while traveling. Christopher was a large, and apparently ugly man - for this reason he is often portrayed as an ogre or having the head of a dog. When he became Christian, he wanted to use his size and strength to serve those in need. Christopher took to carrying travelers across a dangerous river, which he could safely traverse because he was so tall and strong. According to legend, one such traveler, upon reaching the other shore, revealed himself to be a young Jesus.  Christopher is venerated as one of the 14 holy helpers . Lifetime:  ?? to 251 Region:  Roman Empire Patronages:  Transportation & travel; Athletics; Bachelors; Toothache Iconograpy:  Carrying Christ child; Tree branch; Dog head Feast Day:  May 9 (Eastern); July 25 (Western)

St. Monica of Hippo

St. Monica was the mother of St. Augustine. Though she was a devout Christian, she was arranged in marriage to a pagan with a violent temper who would not let her baptize their children. Monica lived for decades praying for her husband and children's souls, and eventually her prayerful dedication led to her husband's conversion shortly before his death. She later befriended St. Ambrose , who was instrumental in her son Augustine's highly influential conversion. Lifetime:  331 to 387 Region:  Western Roman Empire Patronages:  Disappointing children; Conversion of relatives; Difficult marriages Iconograpy:  Lamentation scroll; Accompanying St. Augustine; Widow's weaves (black mourning clothes) Feast Day:  May 4 (Eastern, Anglican); August 27 (Roman Catholic)