St Blaise of Sebaste

As a physician, St. Blaise was a healer of bodies as much as he later became a healer of souls. After he was elected bishop by popular acclaim, he performed many miracles of healing on people who sought his aid as well as on wild animals. Blaise is particularly invoked for the healing of injuries to the throat owing to a miracle where a woman begged for his help as her son was choking on a fishbone, and Blaise cured the boy. St. Blais is one of the fourteen holy helpers, a group of saints venerated in the middle ages for healing from illness.

Lifetime: ? to 316
Region: Modern Turkey
Patronages: Throats; Physicians; Veterinarians; Woolworkers
Iconograpy: Crossed candles; Comb; Animals
Feast Day: February 3 (Western); February 11 (Eastern)

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