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St. Anastasia of Sirmium

Anastasia is considered the deliverer from poisons because she miraculously cured many from such afflictions. During her life, she also ministered to imprisoned Christians until she became imprisoned herself. Anastasia refused to deny her faith, even in the face of a particularly vile pagan priest, who was blinded when he tried to lay hands on her. She miraculously survived multiple attempts to execute her, including starvation and drowning, until she was finally martyred by being staked to the ground and burned alive. Lifetime:  281 to 304 Region:  Rome; Modern Serbia Patronages:  Weavers; Widows; Poisoned people Iconograpy:  Medicine bottle; Martyr's palm Feast Day:  December 22 (Eastern); December 25 (Western)

St. Juan Diego

St. Juan Diego Cuāuhtlahtoātzin was an average Aztec man until he saw the Apparition of Mary that changed two continents forever. Not much is known about his life before the vision. He was married, but his wife died. He may or may not have had a son with her. He was very devout and especially fond of the Blessed Virgin even before he saw the famous vision of her, and the Apparition itself, and especially Her miraculous image on his tilma led to the rapid conversion of a huge number of indigenous people in Central America. Lifetime:  1474 to 1578 Region:  Modern Mexico Patronages:  Indigenous people of the Americas Iconograpy:  Roses; Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day:  December 9